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The Teravana
Foundation’s Mission

The fast-paced demands of the 21st century and modern living have diverted us from our natural state of being, and made many of us sick. At Teravana, we aim to help heal people suffering from burnout and other stress-related illness.

The Teravana Foundation is a nonprofit Think Tank, where we address stress-related illness in Modern Society through retreats, conferences, and workshops across disciplines—from medicine, to art, and beyond.

Teravana is a 501c3 nonprofit, whose donations go towards finding actionable solutions to deal with stress-related illness across different sectors.

Support Solutions to Solve Stress-Related-Illness

Teravana is a coastal forest sanctuary just North of San Francisco, where people go to explore the wonder of being human—the joy, the grief, the awe, the beauty. The mystery that exists in and around you.

Through self-inquiry and communing with a

Your support is crucial towards our many community-centered projects that support wellness in body and mind in Modern Society.

Our facilities are privately funded, which means 100% of your donations go directly to burnout research initiatives: think tank workshops, wildlife and land conservation projects, artist residency, and social impact event funding.

nature, people can experience what it is to be at once human and nature, learning from the wisdom of the Earth, while we walk under the sun on this earth-bound journey.

Our mission is to help people cope with the stress of modern living through mindfulness and ecology. Whether you are looking to deepen your relationship with yourself and the natural world around you, or just need a break from everyday life, let the wisdom of the land fill you up.

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