A Place to Be Healed by the Wisdom of Nature

Our philosophy

A link between human and nature

Teravana is a coastal forest sanctuary just North of San Francisco, where people go to explore the wonder of being human—the joy, the grief, the awe, the beauty. The mystery that exists in and around you.

Through self-inquiry and communing with nature, people can experience what it is to be at once human and nature, learning from the wisdom of the Earth, while we walk under the sun on this earth-bound journey.

Our mission is to help people cope with the stress of modern living through mindfulness and ecology. Whether you are looking to deepen your relationship with yourself and the natural world around you, or just need a break from everyday life, let the wisdom of the land fill you up.

at Teravana

We’ve partnered with ecologists and foresters to create a sustainability plan. Using the combined wisdom of academic and indigenous knowledge, our ecology goal is to help heal the Earth, create biodiversity, and live in the latest age of fire and drought in California.

It is our commitment to care for Mother Earth the way she cares for us, providing us with everything we need to thrive.

Meet the Founders

Suvas Vajracharya

Suvas Vajracharya

Suvas has a long term interest in personal development and meditation.


After working as the CEO of Lightning Bolt, where he ran a successful startup consisting of 55 employees, he left the IT industry to shift his passion and focus on bridging his interests for wellness, spirituality and the environment.


Having dedicated his career to helping hospitals and physicians solve the most complex medical staff scheduling problems with advanced, AI-optimized technology, he has championed for health and wellness in these fields for nearly 20 years.


As a co-founder of Teravana and our sister organization WELLKIND, he advises on their board of directors and facilitates trainings and workshops.


Suvas now applies his thought leadership to stewarding 640 acres of land and leads conferences and retreats in the field of mindfulness and burnout prevention for corporate institutions and physicians. He teaches meditation at Teravana and brings a mindfulness based approach to wellness.

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Julia Forest

For Julia, Teravana grew from her interest in how self-care and care for the Earth interrelate.

She brings with her 18 years of yoga and meditation facilitation and a passion for cross-disciplinary change work and women's health. She has led and organized yoga retreats in the USA and internationally and offers yoga and meditation at Teravana.

Julia is the founding director of Awakened Spirit Yoga, an organization that blends yoga and mindfulness with regenerative change to support the wellness of communities. As a co-founder of Teravana, Julia is on the board of directors and advises on programming. She also contributes as a board member for WELLKIND.

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