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A sanctuary to remember human nature

Teravana is a coastal forest sanctuary just North of San Francisco, where people go to explore the wonder of being human—the joy, the grief, the awe, the beauty. The mystery that exists in and around you.

Through self-inquiry and communing with nature, people can experience what it is to be at once human and nature, learning from the wisdom of the Earth, while we walk under the sun on this earth-bound journey.

at Teravana

It is our commitment to care for the Earth the way it cares for us, providing us with everything we need to thrive.

Learn about our ecology, forestry, energy, and permaculture plans.

Teravana is a 730-acre coastal forest sanctuary, in the quaint town of Cazadero in the Russian River Valley, offering a unique space built for biodiversity and sustainability.

Located above the cloud line on top of a mountain ridge, expansive vistas and breathtaking views span in all directions. Book the entire property today for a private events: yoga and wellness retreats, weddings, and private or corporate events.

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19540 King Ridge Rd, Cazadero, CA 95421

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