Restoring native California trees

Our reforesting mission is to replant the native coastal trees, restoring an ecosystem to support biodiversity. We plan to plant 1000 trees over the next 10 years.

Teravana Foundation is a 501C3 non-profit organization.

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Providing a healthier future
for our children

By replanting what was lost to logging, we hope to restore champion trees like the giant coastal redwoods and sequoias, which call rain to the land and provide food and shelter for the birds, mammals, and insects needed to keep this ecosystem diverse and thriving.

These giant trees also sequester more carbon than other trees, making them critical at this point in human history.

Our Partners

Doing incredible work cloning ancient giant champion trees, providing Teravana’s saplings.
Our sister organization who supports our soil and water health, with interns who get hands-on education caring for trees.

Upcoming Projects

We will be planting several hundred trees: a complete genetic collection of 45 different Coast Redwoods, including a 3,000+ year old cloned stump collection, the entire Giant Sequoia collection of genetics, and the national champion Monterey Pine and Cypress.

This will be the largest and only complete genetic collection on private property in the world.

Clone saplings we’ve planted so far:

1. Fieldbrook Stump
2. Goodrich
3. UCSC #2
4. Livingston Ridgewood Ranch

Get Involved

Curious about our ecology internships, reforesting details or want to get involved?

Reach out at [email protected]

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