Living Library Project

Restoring Forests for a Sustainable Future

Forest health and biodiversity are critical to the health and survival of people and planet. But today, forests face a multitude of threats, including cutting, diseases, fires, drought and other conditions caused by global warming. By growing redwoods and other native trees in Teravana’s foggy and rainy climate, we are helping regenerate old-growth forests in Northern California and creating holistic ecosystems for plants, animals, insects and people.

The vision of the Living Library project is to steward a sanctuary that can serve as a model for realizing the interconnected nature of humans and trees, benefiting health, ecology and economics.

The mission is to expand the ancient tree network (Living Libraries) through collaboration with surrounding communities to regenerate the watersheds of Northern California.



Benefits of a Living Library 

These trees when planted alongside native species play a vital role in restoring habitat, diversifying ecology, resilience to wildfire and restoring the watershed.

Time tested ancient genetics will support adaptation to and survival of the current and future climate.

  • The top 1% of the largest trees sequester 50% of carbon held in forests, and a redwood champion tree sequesters 10x more carbon than ordinary trees.

A Living Library allows for learning and iteration on how best to care for and restore habitat.

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The founders of Teravana & Archangel Ancient Tree Archive together: Jared Milarch, David Milarch, Suvas Vajracharya, Jessie Ketchum
Teravana and Archangel Ancient Tree Archive are collaborating to create a model for archiving and propagating the genetics of our oldest and largest trees, in order to protect endangered old growth genetics, enhance climate resilience and benefit the health and ecology of forests, watersheds and communities in the region.

The Living Library nursery will soon benefit from reforestation in Northern California beyond Teravana, providing tens of thousands of trees to be planted where they are needed most. Trees will provide protection to the local Russian River Watershed and benefit the ecosystem and survival of endangered coho and steelhead salmon. 

Providing a healthier future
for our children

By replanting what was lost to logging, we hope to restore champion trees like the giant coastal redwoods and sequoias, which call rain to the land and provide food and shelter for the birds, mammals, and insects needed to keep this ecosystem diverse and thriving.

These giant trees also sequester more carbon than other trees, making them critical at this point in human history.

Our Partner

Doing incredible work cloning ancient giant champion trees, providing Teravana’s saplings.

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