Canopy of Giving

Join our Canopy of Giving to help us meet our goals of archiving and protecting old-growth genetics, improving climate resilience, and bringing together artists from around the world to Teravana--a place for all to connect with nature.

$5000 Donation

Receive an overnight stay for two at Teravana. Sponsors receive all other benefits from the levels below.


The uppermost branch structure provides shade, safety, and a secure habitat for all of the plants and animals living in the forest.

$2500 Donation

Receive a limited edition copper plate etching/ engraving by internationally respected Teravana Artist-in Residence, Misha Goro. Sponsors receive all other benefits from the levels below.


Each tree branch provides strength for the crown, supporting the leaves and new growth that produces oxygen for the Earth.

$1000 Donation

Receive a signed copy of "Ancient Trees: Portraits of Time" by Beth Moon. Sponsors receive all other benefits from the levels below.


Water and nutrients from the soil are transported up the tree trunk, which connects the leafy crown with its roots. Trees with large trunks and dense wood tend to be the best carbon absorbers.

$750 Donation

Receive original ceramic plate made in Teravana's raku kiln by artist John Toki and a Teravana Apron.


This central, anchoring root absorbs water and nutrients from the soil, to provide a lifeline and stability to each tree.

$500 Donation

Receive a Teravana Apron


The seed sprouts with the help of water and soil, growing into small stems, roots, and leaves. Trees make seeds, which then grow into other trees.
Thank you for donating to Teravana and helping us to do our important work. Donors provide Teravana with the ongoing support we need to make a change.
By joining Teravana, you become a part of our success, ensuring we can continue to use innovation, collaboration and optimism for the health of our communities and our planet.
Thank you for donating to our cause.
*All donations to Teravana Foundation, LLC are fully tax-deductible in the U.S., as contributions to an approved 501(c)(3) charity formed in 2020 with the exclusive purpose of supporting Teravana and its projects. Teravana Foundation, LLC is part of Teravana Trust (f/k/a WELLKIND Trust) for tax purposes: ID: 83-4395282. No goods or services were received for this donation.
We have planted 300 trees this year at Teravana.

Our sister organization WellKind Guatemala has planted 35,000 trees
and is planting another 50,000 trees for 2023!

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Learn more about, or participate in, forestry partnerships at Teravana.

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