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A sanctuary to remember human nature

Teravana Foundation’s mission is based on the belief that the health of people and the planet are closely intertwined. Our work focuses on promoting resilience, holistic wellness, and ecology through community outreach, innovative education, and partnerships. 

Our organization’s programs are guided by the two branches of our mission: promoting wellness for both people and the planet.

at Teravana

It is our commitment to care for the Earth the way it cares for us, providing us with everything we need to thrive.

Learn about our ecology, forestry, energy, and permaculture plans.

Teravana Coastal Forest Sanctuary is a 730-acre model for regenerative living, in the town of Cazadero, California that offers a unique space built for biodiversity and sustainability.

We implement forest stewardship practices and champion tree propagation to address climate change and secure future well-being. Teravana aims to reconnect the relationship between personal and ecological wellness using innovative science and expert knowledge for inner and outer transformation, where everyone can contribute.

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19540 King Ridge Rd, Cazadero, CA 95421

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